“Guns of Outlaw Legends”



The Gun That Killed Bonnie and Clyde

Dallas County Texas Deputy Sheriff Ted Hinton, 29, wielded this Colt Monitor BAR along with six other automatic and semi-automatic weapons at the Bonnie and Clyde ambush site. He knew both Bonnie and Clyde from their days in Dallas, so was the finger man for the shoot-to-kill team. Courtesy of the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum, Waco, Texas


The pair of low-rent desperados were notorious for shooting their way out of police confrontations using heavy firepower collected by Clyde from poorly guarded National Guard armories. His arsenal included automatic Brownings, semi-automatic Winchesters, Krag-Jorgensen rifles and Colt Model 1911 semi-automatic pistols and various revolvers. Bonnie carried a Colt snub-nose .38 Special taped to her inner thigh for a (ouch!) quick draw.


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